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What We Do

The UCI BioSci computing team is responsible for supporting the IT needs of the school’s faculty, students and staff.


IT Support

Computer Purchases

Instructional Computing Labs, Networking


Due to Liability Issues:

  • Equipment submitted for service to Bio Sci Computing Services must be University property AND used for University purpose.
  • User must demonstrate proof of license for all software (i.e. Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Acrobat) before Bio Sci Computing Services will install any licensed software.
  • Request for data backups and data transfers must not contain private personal data (i.e. Social Security Numbers, Drivers License numbers) as to comply with SB1386.
  • The user is responsible for data backups. In the event that data is lost, BioSci Computing will provide a best effort to recover it.

Further help


For help with Contact Phone
General Assistance 824-3555
Help Desk Karl Cannon 824-0482
Instructional Computing Labs, Networking Eric Sanchez 824-8485
Computer Purchases Matthew Martinez 824-8832